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Sat September 30film + dinner show Haute CuisineSold out
Fri October 13film + dinner show PigSold out (1), waiting list open
Sat October 14film + dinner show PigSold out (1), waiting list open
Fri November 3rdfilm + dinner show PigSold out (1), waiting list open
Sat November 4film + dinner show PigSold out (1), waiting list open
Fri November 17film + dinner show The MenuSold out, waiting list open
Sat November 18film + dinner show The MenuSold out, waiting list open
Fri December 1film + dinner show The MenuFor sale on 15/10, no reservations possible
Sat December 2film + dinner show The MenuFor sale on 15/10, no reservations possible


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* Reservations

Do you want to be assured of a seat? The shows marked with * at the calendar accept reservations. Mail to with the date of the relevant show and the number of people. A reservation is only valid after a comfirming email. When confirmed, you will receive an email with payment link 2 days before the official sale starts. The reservation expires after those 48 hours.

Waiting list

Is a film sold out? Click on the desired show(s) and add your email address to the waiting list. Very occasionally tickets become available due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. You will receive that message automatically. The first payer then has the tickets.

(1) Het laatste kaartje

Sometimes a show is sold out, but there's still one ticket left. Shows with one ticket left are marked with an (1). Mail to if you would like to buy that ticket.

Can't come?

Do you have tickets, but are you ill or otherwise unable to attend: tickets will not be taken back. However, we do try to sell your ticket to guests who have signed up on the waiting list. If this is indeed successful, you will receive the purchase amount back, minus 1 euro transactional costs.

Don’t understand Dutch?

As of November 2023 we can offer English subtitles on request. Both Dutch and English subtitles will then be shown.


Unfortunately, there are no more gift vouchers for sale for now. If you want to give Secret Cinema as a gift, make sure that the recipient chooses a date for the desired show. Make a reservation by email and buy tickets for the recipient.

Private screening

It is possible to rent Secret Cinema for a private screening. Mail to for information.


Film + dinner screenings: eating exactly the same food at the same time, together with the protagonists in the film. We analyze hundreds of films for their suitability for this concept and are happy to take you on a culinary film journey around the world.

Tickets cost € 45 per person, (unless stated otherwise) including film and dinner, excluding drinks. The shows take place every other weekend and are always at Falconrui 60, Antwerp from 19.30 to 22.00 hrs.
The number of places in the cinema is limited, sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about new shows.


Film + dinner Haute Cuisine

The film Haute Cuisine tells the tale of the difficult period of Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch when she cooked for the president. Her cuisine is appealing for the president, but she...
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Film + dinner Pig

We follow a former chef Rob who now lives as a hermit in the beautiful forests of the state of Oregon. He lives there with his pig…
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Film + dinner The Menu

The Menu (Mark Mylod, 2022) is a black comedy in which horror, humor and suspense alternate with fantastic food. The story takes place in a…
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A great subgenre is the lunchbox film. For that we have to look in Asia, where a lunch box means much more than just tasty food.

Blog: I’ll have what she’s having

Wie zit er achter één van de beste filmcitaten ooit; ‘I’ll have what she’s having’?

Blog: keukenverhalen

De psychologie achter vijf typen filmkeukens.

Blog: de perfecte filmomelet

Hoe bak je de perfecte filmomelet in zeven stappen.

Blog: Green Sea film + recept

De film Green Sea is op Netflix te zien. Maak nu zelf thuis het gerecht Spetsofai bij de film.

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Waiting list De voorstelling is uitverkocht maar soms komen er kaartjes vrij wegens ziekte of andere omstandigheden. Laat hier je email achter, dan sta je op de wachtlijst. Je ontvangt automatisch een email zodra er kaartjes beschikbaar komen. Wie het eerst betaalt heeft dan de kaartjes. Let op: iedere datum van een voorstelling heeft een eigen wachtlijst. Kun je meerdere data, meld je dan aan voor meerdere data.