Food in the leading part



Literally everything is thought about in the film: script, actors, sets, costumes, music, etc etc... and food. Dozens of books have already been written about the role of food in feature films. There is a book specifically about horror food 'Consuming Gothic', about food in Asian films 'Chopstick Cinema' about cannibal Hannibal Lector 'Feeding Hannibal' and a great blog with recipes from movie stars.Silver Screen Suppers‘.

Articles about the role of food in film will appear irregularly in this blog. It is a continuous search for recurring (food) themes in (food) films, for differences between countries, for wise quotes, tips for books, simply awesome scenes and especially recipes used for Secret Cinema. As long as it revolves around film and food. Have fun reading, watching and eating! Note to English readers: the articles are published in English on


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