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Film + dinner The taste of pho

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At Secret Cinema you watch a feature film while eating the same food at the same time. When the protagonist of the film eats a delicious pho at minute 7, then you will the same. The film+dinner consists of a full six-course dinner. A wonderful and special experience.


Just like in the film
Secret Cinema is a small cinema with tables, so you can eat comfortably and see the film well. We serve the food from the film as accurately as possible.
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Film and dinner

The Taste of Pho (Mariko Bobrik, Poland 2019) is an intimate film about a Vietnamese widower Long and his 10-year-old daughter Maja. Where Long cherishes his Vietnamese roots, Maja wants to integrate into Polish culture. She invariably dumps every Vietnamese lunch box that Long prepares for her in the container around the corner. That is not due to Long's poor cooking skills, because he works as a chef in his father's Vietnamese restaurant. His life changes when the restaurant is taken over.
A wonderfully captivating film, which is actually about treating your various loved ones (family and neighbors) with respect. The film can be seen for the first time in Belgium at Secret Cinema. The film is spoken in Polish and Vietnamese, with Dutch subtitles.

Bánh gio
1 Pho with rice noodles, beef, spring onion, pepper, basil
and clear broth
(Vegetarian: mushroom broth)
2 Bánh gio, with sticky rice, vegetarian spicy minced 'meat'
and mushroom: stuffed banana leaf
3 Ga kho gung, steamed rice with ginger chicken and coleslaw
(Vegetarian: sweet potato)
4 Japanese sushi and sashimi of fresh fish
(Vegetarian: omelette and avocado)
5 Goi Cuon
Fresh rice paper spring roll filled with lettuce,
noodles, bell pepper, coriander and peanut
6 Muffin with cream and fresh fruit

A vegetarian alternative is possible, please indicate this as a comment when ordering.
NB If you have a food allergy, check whether the menu is suitable. Mail before you order if there are any adjustments to the menu.

Fish: 4 (NB. no shellfish)
Dairy: 6 (cream)
Alcohol: –
Gluten: 6 (muffins)
Nuts: 5 (peanut) 6 (almond)
Pregnant: -

Trailer of the film

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